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The Luftbilddatenbank Dr. Carls GmbH is located in Estenfeld in the district of Würzburg. Our company has around 50 employees and has been a leading specialist company for the procurement and evaluation of historical aerial photographs from the time of the Second World War as well as corresponding historical documents and literature for several decades.

The Luftbilddatenbank Dr. Carls GmbH guarantees its customers services for planning reliability in construction projects.

By combining the analysis of aerial photographs as well as written sources, we achieve reliable results that guarantee cost and time savings for developers and fireworkers.


Explosive ordnance investigation

Explosive ordnance investigation provides targeted spatial information on potential explosive ordnance contamination such as unexploded ordnance or munitions in the project area. It combines the results of historical research and aerial photo evaluation.

Aerial photo analysis

As part of the explosive ordnance pre-survey, we perform a multi-temporal and stereoscopic aerial image evaluation - to any location specified by the client.

Historical research

Historical research includes the identification and acquisition of historical documents and literature. All known archives are taken into account and the level of detail of the research is determined by the customer.

Aerial photo research

We perform research and acquisition of historical aerial photographs for any location specified by the client. We have access to the data of several million aerial photographs from all relevant archives.


We offer training in the field of explosive ordnance pre-exploration for our trainees as well as for external interested parties.


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Partners and projects

Our reference partners as well as interesting insights into selected projects.

Quality criteria

Our quality criteria in the course of explosive ordnance investigation.

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