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30 years of expertise in
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Stunde Null

It all began with an aerial photo collection that Dr. Hans-Georg Carls took over from the late Heinz Leiwig in the 1980s. This contained about 40,000 impressive aerial photographs from American sources. Excerpts from them are published in the book "Deutschland Stunde Null".


In the years and decades that followed, numerous research trips were made to international archives. The photographic material, which in many cases had not been prepared using finding tools, was sifted through on site and the metadata from the flights was transferred piece by piece into a database.

Aerial Photo Information System

At the end of the 1990s, a digital aerial photo information system was set up with this data. In it, the aerial photographs were recorded geographically by flight number and image number via their respective image centers. The first major customers of the aerial image database Dr. Carls GmbH were the explosive ordnance disposal services of the federal states as well as the former OFD Hannover (today NLBL/Lower Saxony State Office for Building and Real Estate), control center of the federal government, which had information collected for federal properties. In the 2000s, the JARIC inventory, a very important aerial photograph inventory for wartime aerial photography in Germany, was released. Aerial surveys from the late 1940s were thus also available on a larger scale for the first time.

Market leader

Today, we have established ourselves as a market-leading specialist company for the procurement, research and evaluation of historical aerial photographs and war files. We work for planning reliability in construction projects and a reduction of time and costs through targeted preliminary work in the field of explosive ordnance disposal. We hold a large number of aerial photographs in our company's own inventory, have a specially developed historical geoinformation system (HiGRIS) and offer rapid access to the leading archives of the Second World War.

30 years of expertise in explosive ordnance investigation

Interview about the origin, current topics and future prospects of the Luftbilddatenbank Dr. Carls GmbH.

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