Our range of services in the field of explosive ordnance investigation

Not only the classic combined source and aerial photo analysis, but also the creation of elevation profiles, explosive ordnance maps as well as the research and acquisition of historical aerial photos and files as well as other sources are part of our competences.

Here you get an insight into our references:

Project examples

Explosive Ordnance Investigation

Explosive Ordnance Investigation for routes

Explosive Ordnance Investigation using DTM

Land Combat Reconstruction

Explosive ordnance contamination map

Explosive ordnance investigation with height reconstruction

Our partners

In addition to cooperating with numerous authorities from the federal to the local level (state surveying offices, state building offices, etc.), our services range from aerial photography and file acquisition to the creation of state-wide explosive ordnance contamination maps, we also work with various companies.

More on the topic

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Historial Research

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Aerial photo analysis


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