Aerial Photo Analysis

The aerial photo analysis comes into play in every explosive ordnance investigation and, in combination with the results of the historical research, produces the finished report.

Basis Components

Our high-quality aerial photo analysis is based on the three basic building blocks of archive research, multi-temporal analysis and stereoscopic analysis.

Archive Research

Our in-house aerial photograph research accesses all relevant primary archives, country archives, and our inventory-owned aerial photographs.

Multi-temporal Analysis

The analysis of several aerial photographs from different time periods is imperative, since e.g. due to repair works explosive ordnance relevant findings are often only visible in a limited period of time.

Stereoscopic Analysis

To distinguish whether a hollow form (and thus a potential bomb crater) or a solid form is visible, and to exclude image errors, we work stereoscopically. This means that image pairs are displayed as 3D images via the anaglyph process.

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