Explosive ordnance investigation with height reconstruction

project details

Height Reconstruction


  • Explosive ordnance risk assessment through combined source and aerial photo analysis.
  • Basis: Evaluation of 120 aerial photographs from several time periods, evaluation of a DTM, historical research according to our standards, mapping of terrain changes in the post-war period.

Area size

  • 20 hectares.


  1. Approximately 97% of the project area is at risk of encountering unexploded bombs (blast bombs: 250-8,000 lb caliber, incendiary bombs: 4-250 lb caliber, assigned to the respective attacks), possibly with long-life fuses (air raid causation scenario).
  2. Less than 1% of the project area has potential exposure to abandoned or disposed ordnance (munitions destruction causation scenario).
  3. No evidence of ground fighting was observed in the project area.
  4. According to the construction guidelines for explosive ordnance disposal, there is a need for further investigation (category 2) for the designated areas. We recommend consulting a specialist planner for explosive ordnance disposal.
  5. Between the 1950s and today, some areas of the project area were filled. They have thicknesses between 4 and 5 m. The extents were shown in the results map.

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