Land Combat Reconstruction

Project details

Land Combat Reconstruction


  • Reconstruction of land combat operations through in-depth historical research.

Area size

  • 10 km2.


  1. In the southern part of the project area, unexploded ordnance (caliber information broken down for each day of combat), hand-held ordnance, and ammunition must be expected in some areas.
  2. In accordance with the construction guidelines for explosive ordnance disposal, there is a need for further investigation in the designated areas (category 2). To clarify the further procedure, we recommend consulting the responsible explosive ordnance disposal service, a specialist KMR planner or a specialist company for explosive ordnance disposal. The latter must be licensed in accordance with Section 7 of the Explosives Act and have the appropriate personnel with a certificate of competence in accordance with Section 20 of the Explosives Act.

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